Web App [Beta]

We would like to introduce our Starlight Web App, where you can instantly launch our website in a click of a button!

Our web app will provide a faster loading speed, and better overall performance.

Currently it supports both IOS (Apple, Safari) and ANDROID (Google Chrome).

Follow the instruction given to install the Web App. 😉

IOS Android



*We are at the phase of testing out the Web App, there might some bugs or errors here and there. Do let us know if you encounter any errors/problems, so that we can fix the error and improve the Web App. Thank you! 😀

Email: [email protected]
Instagram : @starlightshop15

How to Install

IOS (Safari)

Install our Web App on your iPhone   and then Add to Home Screen


ANDROID (Chrome)

Install our Web App on your Phone     and then Add to Home Screen
It will takes several minutes to be install successfully.

Steps :